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ACVA: Amsterdam Community for the Visual Arts

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ACVA: Amsterdam Community for the Visual Arts

Creative cities breed creative communities – and Amsterdam is no exception. Founded in March 2014, the ACVA (Amsterdam Community for the Visual Arts) facilitates events and activities for creative professionals and serial enthusiasts in visual art forms.

This combines drawing, sketching and illustration through the community arts following of The Open Draw; and the photography, film and digital art from White Label. Under the premise of developing visual and digital artistic expression through community projects and creating spaces for positive and creative social intercourse – the ACVA produces presentations that showcase the community and host industry guests, regular meetups, master-classes, life model drawing, workshops, parties and more…

The Open Draw, founded by Gail Howard, is a place where you can share your passion for drawing against the backdrop of music and drinks. If drawing is an essential part of your creative process, they invite you to be part of their local community. The Open Draw is an international network of emerging and established visual artists working with various aspect of drawing. They provide a hybrid space for creative innovation, ideas and experimentation in visual literacy. ‘A canvas for collaboration, but also a stage for disruption.’ If anything, what The Open Draw has to offer is a platform for drawing and illustration and consists of The Open Draw communities, this on-line magazine, and satellite activities to promote the act and art of drawing. We service professionals, aspiring artists and illustrators, and common enthusiasts alike in a place to meet, share and inspire.
You can find out more about The Open Draw here.

White Label, founded by Neil Sharma, is the place to be for those with a digital media approach to their creative work. Founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing people together with digital culture and expression. They facilitate creative digital media events to grow digital communities and join artists and professionals through shared learning, workshops, exhibitions and community events. You can develop your digital network by joining community events that facilitate creative interaction, shared learning and collaboration for photographers, film-makers and digital artists. All are welcome – professionals and amateurs, students and rising talent, beginners and digital enthusiasts. The initiative creates supportive space for other digital enthusiasts to start organizing meetups, events, exhibitions, projects in their own communities. So far, the Amsterdam community has been expanding through collaborative events, projects and meetups, and a new community in Barcelona is on the books for February 2016.

You can join the Amsterdam Community for the Visual Arts here:

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