Lucia Macaggi: Photographer

Lucia Macaggi: Photographer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lucia Macaggi is a photographer and journalist who has travelled around the world using photography as a new way of looking at things and changing perspectives of her audiences.

Lucia Macaggi: Photographer & Journalist

We came across Lucia Macaggi back in 2014-2015 and was inspired by her photography work and style – using a variety of perspectives in camera work which gave a whole new life and meaning to her subjects. Whether it was photos of people, architecture or everyday life, the angles and points at which she captured her photos made them stand out instantly from the crowd.

When you show the photos you have taken and the people start breaking into tears, thanking you for all the work you’ve done. How important it is for them to have those memories, to keep them forever on a photograph.


Lucia submitted work for the White Label: Winter Showcase 2015 which featured photography exhibition, art films, media installations and a short film screening. 

Our interest in her style and approach peaked so we invited Lucia Macaggi to display and present her work at White Labels: White Nights. This gave our members a chance to learn some of her motivations, techniques and styles directly, and to discover what makes camerawork so important part to her communication process. We conducted an interview with Lucia Macaggi about this very thing to find out… which you can read below.



Who are you and what do you do?

I’m an Argentinian photographer & film-maker and graduated in Film Direction Studies at Universidad del Cine. After that, I worked several years in photography travelling around the world and in the years I’ve been involved with photography I’ve discovered a new way to look at things, a new passion, a new me…

How do you work?

It always depends on what you do… Being a photographer doesn’t mean that you are good at photographing everything! There are different types of photography: portrait, landscape, journalism, product, modeling, etc. A good photographer can make a good photo (and by ´good’ I mean it will be basically ok: nicely exposed, cropped, etc…) But a photographer specialized in a certain field who is doing what he loves & does best will make the difference!

When the work is about photography I am another me than when I do a film project… and within photography I am different regarding on what I’m doing: if I’m photographing a model I’ll be posing the person, giving instructions; but if I photograph a landscape it will be something else; the same if I’m in the middle of a strike and I need to take a photo of that. Also, I am not the only thing that changes – your equipment will change too, and the people who you work with as well, everything will be different.


What do you enjoy the most?

I really love what I do. Photography is my life. I could be taking pictures forever. Having the camera in your hands gives you a feeling of freedom. You can do whatever you want, whatever you feel; You are your only obstacle! But it’s never easy, you need to grow yourself as a photographer, challenge yourself, not doing always the same; refreshing your look, your mind, what your work expresses.

I remember moments in my life, capturing exactly what I wanted and being happy about it. Perhaps if today I go back to that photo I will still feel the same; but perhaps not. What if I say: I cannot believe I liked this photo! Perhaps what I could do then is not the same I can do today; perhaps my expectations were different, or perhaps I just changed, I’ve grown as a photographer, and I visualize things in a way I didn’t.


Why do you like photography?

I love the versatility of photography & all the things that you can do. I really enjoy every little thing, every process & project I’ve been involved.

I will always remember the feeling of shooting weddings and family portraits. When you show the photos you have taken and the people start breaking into tears, thanking you for all the work you’ve done. How important it is for them to have those memories, to keep them forever on a photograph. You have immortalized those moments for them. That´s the power we – photographers through photography have.


What do you think about photography & social media?

Well, since digitalization everything has changed. Digital photography opened a huge door for all of us; from the way(s) cameras are made, to the editing process; everything can be done so much easily now. You don’t need to wait for developing the film anymore, you can see what you have taken right away!

Nowadays anybody has a camera, anybody. Young children with their cell phones start using filters and loading photos to the web. It’s easy as a click. Facebook, Instagram, Vine are different types of social medias with the same basis: sharing yourself with the world. Sharing your work, your pictures in the social media can have so many advantages. Anybody in the entire world can see what you have done! It is amazing just to think about it. Even this interview: made in Buenos Aires, for a website in Amsterdam… who knows where this will be read…

But digitalization and social medias are a double-edged sword. As I said before, today anybody has a camera. Having a camera and taking photos doesn’t mean you are a photographer. It takes so much more to achieve that. Tons and tons of photos, selfies, are uploaded every single day just searching for a like. Not only that, but it makes it so much harder to handle the copyright of your own work. That’s when the debate about watermarking your photos starts. If you do it, it is interrupting your visual; if you don’t, people can just save it, have it, steal it.


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