White Label is a platform for digital media, events and communities. Digital communities build digital culture. Visual expression is about communication through image, and social interaction is a brilliant catalyst for creative production. We bring people together with digital culture.

White Label is the place to be for those with a media-based approach to their creative work. We believe social interaction and group networking is central to developing creative cultures. Following education in schools, institutions, and civic group, few platforms exist that continue learning experiences and activities for post-graduates, professionals, students and creative enthusiasts.

We want to facilitate creative digital media events to grow digital communities and join artists and professionals through shared learning, workshops, exhibitions and community events. It’s also important to us to share our organizational model with others, allowing open access for creatives around the world to start their own communities. We aim to support these growing communities along the way to building and strengthening their own digital culture by offering access and publicity online and sharing achievements and involvement across our featured communities. White Label is a platform for sharing knowledge, building digital communities and creating events and exposure for young, rising and professional talent – both on and offline. We share news, reviews, media content and profiles to promote collaboration and offer exposure.



The White Label project focus on communities and creative culture. Our main aim is to bring people and communities together through creativity, activity and knowledge sharing. We develop media culture, strengthen visual culture and provide digital communities the platform for meeting and creative engagement. The ways we want to achieve these factors are following;

  • bring together creative people to develop their skills through co-operation.
  • encourage shared learning from a variety of media skills and techniques.
  • provide a platform for collaboration for group projects.
  • provide exposure and promotion for young, rising and professional talent.
  • offer a network of creatives for social interaction and inspiration.
  • use community power to produce exhibitions and events to showcase media work.
  • use the power of visual communication for philanthropic and charitable purposes.
  • aid as a cultural accelerator for digital media communities.

Following the principles of the ‘maker-culture’, we want to create a platform for creatives to meet, collaborate and build an energetic atmosphere to encourage creative development. It’s about digital enthusiasts, freelancers and creators making opportunities for themselves and each other through collective power and community strength.

“By providing workspace for creative people to meet, socialize and work on personal or group projects in a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. A community of creative people that help each other do better. Taking advantage of the collective power and democratizing access to tools and materials usually out of reach from individual creators, the process of creativity takes on new and wonderful forms as the imagination thrives on social interaction and inspiration”.

We’re also aware about the power that visual communication, particularly through image and film, has in our world. Therefore, it’s important to us to be able to use that power to better the world through visual communication. Whether it’s about using media events for philanthropy, fundraising, creating exhibitions that explore particular social and cultural issues, or simply allowing local communities to share the topics significant to the area they inhabit. The capacity for philanthropic pursuits through visual media are boundless.



Help develop your digital network by joining community events that facilitate creative interaction, shared learning and collaboration for photographers, film-makers and digital artists. All are welcome – professionals and amateurs, students and rising talent, beginners and digital enthusiasts. All you need is the drive to create, and the urge to express, explore and share!

Creative Meetups

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Media Worklabs


Film Screenings

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Media Productions




It was during the start of 2013 in Amsterdam we were approached by a group of creative facilitators and social entrepreneurs. They had heard about our interest in photography and film-making; particular with social interest and community based creative production in mind. We got together a number of times discussing the state of visual culture, particularly within the arts industry and the lack of access available to rising artists comparatively to centuries ago. This was a narrative we urged to change! We had a number of friends and colleagues who used media as part of their creative process; whether for personal projects, education or in professional circles. We arranged many informal meetups to discuss our work and occasionally (weather permitting) would head out late at night, or early in the morning, to take pictures. Working as a collective made taking time out for media activities more engaging and encouraging. It was clear to us that creative work was greatly influenced by social interaction and group activity.

External parties had discovered our work, and our approach towards creative activity. Our little collective was offered event space for one evening at the Mixtup Project to discuss our approach at an open access evening. We were asked to join the program for further events which promoted creativity through social interaction. Following a number of group photo-walks, museum and gallery visits we began to pull together a strong community of like-minded individual who appreciated the work and events we work providing for them.

By March 2013, we arranged a program of 8 events which brought together media enthusiasts, designers, creatives and makers. The Media & Design Worklabs covered a range of skills and techniques from from building musical instruments to textile painting; from electronic circuitry to embroidery; from up-cycling local materials to designing unique usb casings; and building automated drawing machines which could create art without (much) human intervention. Many of our participants were able to use their projects for design, media and photographic purposes that furthered their portfolios. Some projects went on to be used as installations and on display in external events around Amsterdam. The program brought together members from a number of backgrounds and aimed to increase opportunities for further collaboration and partnerships in the local community, with great success.  

From September 2013- April 2015, we produced a 2-part series of events which worked over the year to bring together photographers, film-makers and anyone with an element of digital media in their creative process. We called this program White Label’s ‘White Nights’. The events were comprised of evenings dedicated to specific techniques and skills involved in each discipline and occasionally featured special guests speakers, freelancers and professionals on the media circuit.The program was broken down into two seasons, which allowed us to produce a showcase or exhibitions at the end of each season. The showcases were aim at allowing members to display their photography work in and exhibition settings; or their film projects in a screening at the end of the evening.

Following the Summer 2015, the White Label group became a fully fledged community group with a range of skills and talented individuals which became of interest to external groups. We became represented by the Amsterdam Community for the Visual Arts (ACVA) and launched our website to get in touch with fellow creative enthusiasts, rising talent and media professionals to grow and develop our reach. We’ve arranged partner events with Elisava (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering) on Innovation and Design Thinking during May. In September 2015, we were asked to become content partners for the 1000 Photos, Amsterdam 2015 project.

Currently, we await to meet further groups with shared interested in creative production and collaboration, particularly with charitable, community or philanthropic approaches to art, media and social interaction. We are due to launch a new community photo, film and media group in Barcelona (Spain) from early 2016 and look forward to launching new communities throughout the world.  We have a range of other partners and collaborators we’ve organized events, activities and exhibitions with, and launched the White Label Online Magazine to provide greater exposure and attention to photography, film & video, exhibitions, projects, reviews and information about our community groups.   



Neil Sharma

Neil Sharma

Community Director & Founder

A cultural sociologist with interest in adventure and nature photography, previous experience in documentary film-making with Dangerous Environments Productions. Focusing on event management and cultural production are a key to developing media work as a powerful visual communicator for philanthropic work.

Kim van Poelgeest

Kim van Poelgeest


Catalyst for projects that enable collaborative creative exploration. The Open Draw, White Label, 1000 Drawings, 1000 Photos. Interests in music, photography, drawing, design, interactive / media art, creation in general.

Emily Morley

Emily Morley

Event Assistant

Supports the community through production design skills and creative activities for group interaction. An illustrative artist who creates personal and sometimes fantastical experiences through visual art. She has co-hosted drawing workshops and currently is seeking to further her interests in a freelance capacity.

Monica Mussungo

Monica Mussungo


With a brilliant concept of language and interaction, Monica is the friendly greeting face of White Label events - ever keen to lend a hand, support the community and welcome new visitors. Interests in music, photography, modelling and all the poetry that life has to offer.

Simona Pargaliauskaitė

Simona Pargaliauskaitė


Helping out with event production, working on hospitality and some of the work that goes on behind the scenes. Interests in journalism and visual communication.

Sharyselle Kock

Sharyselle Kock


Exhibition volunteer and helps behind the scenes, working together on hospitality. Interests in film-making and human centred multi-media.