Featured Artists

Lucia Macaggi: Photographer

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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lucia Macaggi is a photographer and journalist who has travelled around the world using photography as a new way of looking at things and changing perspectives of her audiences. Lucia Macaggi: Photographer & Journalist We came across Lucia Macaggi back in 2014-2015 and was inspired...

Suzanna Mateboer: Photographer

| Amsterdam, Artists, Photography | No Comments
Suzanne Mateboer is a freelance documentary, life-style and reportage photographer based in Amsterdam and uses image to share uncommon stories from people in a natural way.  Suzanna Mateboer; Photographer It's not just a single shot - Photography is a process of techniques and human connection. The combination of those two...

Neil Sharma: Photographer, Film & Artist

| Amsterdam, Artists, Barcelona, Film & Video, News, Photography | No Comments
Neil Sharma is a British photographer, film-maker and creator who wants to use media and creativity for philanthropic activity. His work is inspired by the world, people and cultures and uses the power of image and imagination to share information about the world. Neil Sharma: Photographer, Film and Artist Neil...

Susana Passinhas: Designer & Art Films

| Amsterdam, Artists, Film & Video | No Comments
Susana Passinhas is designer from Portugal who believes that design is all about people. It's about life - and she loves life. Susana Passinhas; Designer & Art Film-Maker Susana likes to observe people and always wonder what they are thinking or why they act in a certain way. In her passion...

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