Projects (Past & Present)

EverySense Performance

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A multi-sensory performance piece which engages the five sense through visual, audio, taste and smell to engage your feelings through motion and sense. The debut performance featured on the program for the Art Lover Ground event in Barcelona, March 12.  EverySense: A Multi-Sensory Performance Experience A multi-sensory performance following the...

1000 Photos Amsterdam 2015

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1000 Photos Amsterdam 2015 Edition You may have heard of the 1000 Photos Project if you've been in Amsterdam. 1000 Photos is collaborative photo-exhibition of 15×20 cm photos donated by professional and amateur contributors. They welcome photographers from all backgrounds and regions worldwide to donate photos that go on sale...

White Labels: White Nights

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Following the success of our Media & Design Work Labs, we established a new program of events which operated fortnightly at the Mixtup Project in Amsterdam. This program worked consistently through-out the year to bring together photographers, film-makers and anyone with an element of digital media in their creative process....

Media & Design Work Labs

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During 2013 we launched White Label through a number of open events aimed at bringing people and communities together through creativity, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our first program followed an initiative inspired by the principles of maker culture, which focused on group collaboration for creative enthusiasts with design and media events. These...

Start Your Own Project

Are you interested in starting a media-based project and need a team, assistance or even just some publicity?

We aim to build group projects by bringing people together and letting the creativity flow with like-minded people. Contact us with a description of your project and we’ll see how we can help make your idea a reality.

We’re also looking for enthusiastic people to join our current projects and help in production. If that sounds like something for you then let us know via e-mail or approach the team at one of our events!